Where are monthly Fondos

Title pretty much says everything . I have done something like 5-6 monthly fondo rides on Sundays in the off season,for the past 2 years. This year I see nothing. Was all that suffering just a dream? A search here turns up nothing. Last year I did these rides with thousands of other people, am I the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on?

oh yeah I’ll respond to you… because all people care about here are whether they can earn enough points to dye their man bun blonde. I believe you will only find your answer if you look deep within YourSelf. anyone?

No need to be so impatient or angsty about a slow response. You only waited an hour and a half between your posts, and here at least they were in the middle of the night (1:58am and 3:33am). I for one was tucked up in a nice warm bed! :smiley:

I’m afraid I’ve no idea about fondos though.

The El Giro de Rigo a month ago was billed as a fondo:

But you’re right, there’s nothing in the Companion app for the forseeable future. I do think there would normally have been more, but maybe they’re running a bit late or are busy working on game updates.