When will you give up this annoying course schedule ?

(Keeley B (RO4H)) #21

I agree.  World choice is a no brainer that should have been implemented as soon as there was a second world available.  The “social” argument is null. I find when there is a smaller amount of riders on a particular map it is actually more social - everyone gives everyone a ride on.  As soon as there are a few hundred people on a particular map that goes out the window.  The more people there are on a map, the more isolated I feel.
Danny, not everyone can zwifthack.  Just because you are on a device that can doesn’t mean everyone is.  

Given Zwift’s lack of response on this issue despite the many many many times their subscribers have asked for it, and given their large price hike while simultaneously sneering at their subscriber’s wishes, I’m rapidly losing patience.  

Just lately I’ve been riding The Sufferfest videos and found them an excellent workout, the videos are hilarious, and they are extremely responsive to their subscribers.  It’s like they actually care or something.  So different so Zwift.  And cheaper too.

So tell me…why should I continue to give money to a company who are expensive and unresponsive?  

(Erik Schumacher) #22

@Danny Boyd

It is obvious, that you do not understand what I am talking about - or you do not want to understand it. Just for the records this hack does not work for ATV.

In addition to the fact that a hack may violate Zwift’s terms and conditions and may therefore have legal consequences for the user, it is unacceptable that such a simple feature is not available. 

I just imaging how a gaming community like e.g. EVE or WoW, which pays a monthly fee either would react if their free choice of starships or maps/characters would be limited by the day they want to play. 

As Keeley B (RO4H) already said the requested feature is a no brainer and it is quite ridiculous that it is not already been implemented while we here talking about it. Not to mention that everyone expects such functionality from the first day on.


(Keeley B (RO4H)) #23

I wrote to Zwift and received this prompt and polite reply: 

"We currently do not have a timeline for implementation for world choice. We do actively listen and take into consideration our subscriber’s comments, concerns, and requests.

The implementations of world choice is a daunting task in its own. From my own experience at Blizzard and Microsoft, this entails expansion of server infrastructure. For each world, there requires a need for a separate server to run them each simultaneously.

The other focus here is worldwide stability. We are needing to expand our servers to help improve stability worldwide. With running one server for Zwift, other Zwifters can suffer from poor latency when coupled with poor internet connectivity in their regions, which is another big focus.

Another request from our members that we took to heart was the request for another world to ride. We have implemented Innsbruck.

I completely understand your position on this. In the meantime, some members in the community have found a workaround to let them ride the world that they prefer. While this is not supported or endorsed by Zwift, it is a possible option for now.

If you would like to revert back to riding on the course schedule or run into any issues, you can simply delete the prefs.xml file and another one will be automatically generated."


Basically, we’re screwed.  They do not intend to implement world choice at any point in the near future, despite there being a definite need and desire for it, and despite past comments (on Zwiftcast, if I remember correctly?) saying it would happen when there were x amount of subscribers or whatever.  

Not having any technical expertise, I don’t understand what’s so different about the workaround vs needing more servers?  If the workaround works then why not just implement that?  Maybe it’s because the workaround only works when most riders are on the actual map and only a few are on hacked maps?  

Maybe if everyone started using the workaround they’d start to listen?  Kinda crazy that we’ve been asking for this for so long, and they’re all, “Weeeeell…how about no.  But hey, not to worry, we’re going to raise fees while not providing what our subscribers want.  How does that sound?”  

Sigh.  While I appreciate their quick reply - which appeared to be personal and not a form reply - I’m still really quite ticked.  

(Steve) #24

ZwiftInsider posted thoughts calling for world choice within the Zwift app back in January, and noted Eric Min’s comment that it’s coming. The one way streets and limited mileage in Richmond highlight the need but the same points apply elsewhere. 

I wonder whether the community’s wish for the Innsbruck world was greater than the community’s wish for in-game, cross-app, world choice. 

Have we already gotten one step further in world choice - did I see that event organizers can choose which world their event will be in, regardless of the calendar? Maybe that would also serve as a test of Zwift’s readiness for world choice by the full community. 


(Danny Boyd) #25

leave them to do their jobs.  btw… see you in a diff world ( yes you do see other people )

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #26

I seriously don’t get the big fuss about worlds. Get on your bike and ride. 

And if you really can’t stand a certain world then do a workout.

And if that does not help then stop your subscription and use another program, I’m sure ATV has lots of other Zwift like apps.

(Mike Day) #27

Innsbruck is a great course. Pity it’s not available until Thursday.

(4 Q) #28

15 bucks a month for one course a day, thats 180 bucks a year. Even Call of duty is half that price every year lol 

(Scott) #29

Agree the forums are horrible.  Zwift can do no wrong, and the product needs zero improvements.

(Scott) #30

Clearly this is a product developed somewhere in Europe.  Individual choice, no way.  Be happy you have a game to play!