When will you give up this annoying course schedule ?

(Erik Schumacher) #1

be honest, when will you give up this annoying course schedule ?

If I am in the mood to ride the Volcano flat course I want to do it now, I do not want to wait a week. With the new Innsbruck course things become even more worse. How should this system work if you add even more courses ?

I can’t understand why you’re sticking with this system - unless you have too few server hardware resources.

(Andre Hufschmid) #2

Absolutely, its time to flush it down the toilett. We’ve been stuck in London for the last 4 days with no real climbs what so ever. I don’t understand why someone cannot simply select the course they want to ride. C’mon, its time to make this available!

(David Griscom YCW) #3

I agree that the introduction of the Innsbruck course will make the situation worse.  I am hoping this fall (northern hemisphere) they will make the switch.  There will be more than enough riders to support multiple courses

(Gerrie Delport) #4

I Personalty like the Calendar having all of us on the same map. Every time I ride I see a lot of my friends online. 

Once the calendar stop changing people will only ride their favorite route and It will become boring.



(David Griscom YCW) #5

Gerrie, are you seriously saying that Zwift should prevent users from riding their favorite route?  The numbers of users is now such that there will be plenty of riders on every route (unless you are a Richmond fan). 

(Danny Boyd) #6

you CAN ride the course you want (by yourself) when ever you want. If you feel like you’re in the mood for volcano flat, then you can simply start it on Watopia. its not hard to find out how!

(David Griscom YCW) #7

Danny, the fact that these hacks exist is evidence that a lot of users don’t like o be told which ride they have to do.  I really don’t see any downside the allowing route section.  What argument is there against it?

(Andre Hufschmid) #8

I know hacks are available but try doing that on Apple TV. Only if you’re running a PC its possible…so now…

  1. Hacks are available so why not make it official and add that selection?

  2. @Gerrie: World selection does not change anything. You can still join up with your friends and ride.

  3. World selection does not change anything with the Zwift experience, no as a matter of fact it makes it even better. Zwift should be realistic and if i go and ride outside, i can ride any route i want. 

  4. Zwift can show how many people are in a world and everybody can decide for themself what they want. These days there are enough riders to support multi world.

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(..Troy) #9

I know most people prefer Watopia as it is a great place for a ride, but I think the more you ride the other courses you can start to appreciate them for what they are, and all the more happy when Watopia is back. 

I wonder if we would get bored of Watopia if that was the only course. (The only course by self choice.) It would also be a shame if by choice I chose Richmond and found only myself there. 

I think Zwift has got the balance about right. With possibly two more courses on the horizon the worlds might get rather empty if we were given world choice.

I for one, really like the social aspect of Zwift.   Ride On.

(Erik Schumacher) #10

If I look at all the negative votings, I unfortunately get the impression that the forum is populated by a lot of blinded Zwift fan boys/girls. Apparently they don’t know what constructive criticism means.

As  Andre Hufschmid and David Griscom YCW already said, there are Hacks and many people use it, so why Zwift does not turn these Hacks into new features and make many users happy ? The effort would be almost zero. 

My patience as a customer is slowly but surely at the end, since I can’t recognize that Zwift has even a rudimentary ear for (very little) customer wishes.

There is not even a public and convincing reason from the Zwift crew why they stick so stubbornly to these course schedules - but silence can also be an expression of opinion, for me a very bad communication policy.







(Paul Allen) #11

Erik Schumacher (PACK)

Maybe the users that are down voting just have a different opinion on the matter.

I think it’s fine just the way it is. 

(Mike Day) #12

I use Apple TV and it’s brilliant. The problem with the hack thing is that it’s only available to those using a pc, so now you’ve got someone like me whose paying the full price but because I’m using an Apple product I don’t have the same choice therefore I’m at a disadvantage. This is about making the playing field the same for everyone otherwise it’s just unfair. I’m perfectly happy to go with the calendar, as long as everyone else does the same.

(Danny Boyd) #13

throwing tantrums on the internet is kind of amusing, but its ALWAYS the small little group who say they are voicing for the majority…

Zwift have already stated they will adjust and open ALL worlds at some point… be patient, and stop your whining. 

(Paul vd Girdleschberger T@TT) #14

Somebody said Zwift should be realistic. Lol. 

(Phil Stapleton ZBR) #15

As a paying customer, I would expect full choice & have the ability to ride any course and world I like, at any time.

Now it doesn’t bother me too much that we are subjected to specific worlds, but on occasion I really fancy going round the Jungle route, or up the mountain, but we are forced to ride London, which really annoys me on these occasions.

A compromise in the short term would be to have 2 worlds to select from. Maybe a big world like London/Watopia and a small/race world such as Richmond/Innsbruck/New York. This way, riders aren’t spread out too thinly and Zwift should hopefully be able to handle it.

(Gerrie Delport) #16

“As a paying customer” LOL


Yes Phil has a point and he is a paying customer, lets have Richmond as a second world available every day. LOL





(Klem Klemperer! Z TAZ B) #17

I think having Watopia as the main world available every day, then a choice of one other world each day on a rotating calendar (like we have for all courses now). That would be a good solution.

(Erik Schumacher) #18

@ Paul Allen

If someone got a different opinion, that’s absolutely ok for me, but it would be nice if these people would explain their opinion in more deep and tell us their reasons why they thinking in a different way.

You say, that it is ok for you the way it is, but you wouldn’t have any disadvantages if Zwift would give us the freedom to choose any course we want - well, that why I do not see any issue with this useful improvement. That’s why I find the contradiction of some users here a little strange.

(Erik Schumacher) #19

@ Danny Boyd

First of all, I am always speaking for myself. Second, regarding this issue “patience” means money, and I do not like to throw money out of the window. And last, unfortunately some people obviously cannot distinguish “whining” from well-founded criticism - we are not in kindergarden.

(Danny Boyd) #20

Heres the thing; YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW WITH NO TROUBLES AT ALL.  do it - you ride with others/ you ride whatever you like. does someone have to hold your hand to zwifthack.com?