When we zwift start banning cheater

you want more kit? you must be new here!

why didn’t your brother just ride slower if he wanted to ride with you?

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Create a meetup and you both can go all out.


with the current bug on two people meet ups that is cheating in itself!

We did not have that bug in a Loooooooong time.

It might limit your pen options for races using Category Enforcement.

Really? when did that get fixed? i’m sure i still see two people fly passed up 10% gradients from time to time

Would you say that this is only likely to happen if you put in an actual watts 60 day PB at one of the power times (5s, 15s, 30s, 1min…etc…) being used by Zwift for CE.

I’m thinking if you generally just cruise around in Zwift game never getting close to 60 day PBs then whatever weight you choose to ride at will have no bearing on the new CE calculation process.

[I’m a believer that CE should be using race weights and not in game weight, but that is beside the point].

As mentioned above there are many reasons why a person may wish to change weight in game - is it really an issue if not racing at that wrong weight?

I’m dabbling with weight in game to see if Z2 steady state riding is possible with RoboPacers most weeks on Tempus Fugit. ( not that I’m bothered about Z2 riding but just like testing things)

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That’s my basic understanding, yes, if you set 60 day W/Kg PBs for intervals above 2mins then you might get a category promotion.

Interesting, you suggest W/Kg PBs whereas my reading of it is W PBs converted into power curve then converted into zFTP and zMAP and then divided by the average weight when those W PBs were achieved.

The difference, in my opinion, is:

under your suggestion if I ride for 30 minutes at 100W and a silly weight of 10kg I am going to hit new 10.0 W/Kg PBs at every timed point beyond 15s. This will seriously impact my ability to stay in Cat C.

Under my suggestion 100w will not be better than any of my current W PBs so no new PBs during the ride so no change to zFTP or zMAP so no change to average weight so no change to Cat C.

I’m not sure if I dare risk testing it :wink:

Yeah, that’s cheating.
If you’re too tired after work to do the ride, then you don’t get the kit etc.

The whole purpose of this is to do work, not collect a bunch of participation certificates.

Do you ride a bike outside?


Why ruin my light weight brothers workout just to ride with me. He has double the ftp I do. That’s not a realistic suggestion for him to ride slower.

I have had issues with the rubber band thing. Is that working properly now?

Again, if it’s not a race… it’s my game and I can play it however I want and your opinion on how I play is just that, and it smells like an opinion too :poop:

Let people use their own stuff how they want. If you play by the rules good on you, and you get to feel superior for it.

Now for racing there are so many loop holes it’s impossible to stop cheating.

Suggestions to stop cheating?
-Video weigh ins in an empty room with approved scales?
-Blood work submission for upper end races?
-Do we allow climate controls or set a min temp?
-Fans? How many allowed? how many cfm?
-Oxygen? Lol
-Live stream of your equipment?
Where do we stop and just ride?

Yes we use it 5 days of the week. no issues, and we have very different FTP and weight.

Part of the game and part of the motivation is getting things like KQOM jerseys during your ride. Which this person’s bot was scooping up, and no one else stood a chance. So it’s perfectly fine to use a bit of software to remove my chance to be able to get an in-game motivational reward? Nah. If your use of the game the way it isn’t intended starts to affect my ride, I want it stopped.


So we’ll said :+1::+1::+1:


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Yes, I figured that’s why Zwift hid my reply. Where exactly can I send that photo to report that person for cheating? They shouldn’t be earning XP, drops, KoM/Sprint jerseys and leveling rewards if they’re going to cheat like that. And you can be sure they’ll cheat in a race if they’re willing to cheat in free ride.

See this: Reporting Suspicious Riders [July 2021]

When you see them ingame you can use the companion app to flag them as fliers.


That’s what we did mid-ride. It removed them from the Nearby rider list, and from the KQOM list, and we didn’t see them come flying past us.

But I looked up the user after we finished, and their activity continued for another several hours. I even reported them later from their user page in the companion app, to no apparent immediate effect. I know that won’t surprise a lot of people, but there it is. They kept on with their activity for at least another 150km that I know of. 345w the whole time.

But it was interesting that they disappeared from our view, and someone else moved into the top KQOM spot. I wonder how it looked to anyone else, if they were still visible or not, or if the ‘Flier’ flag is more or less an ‘Ignore’ feature.


I noticed one guy on ADZ yesterday doing similar power to me in the 167-210w range, but w/kg much higher. My peak power in places was slightly more at 260-300w over steep bits.

My time was 56:54 with heart rate at 160bpm or higher at times while the other guy effortlessly cruised up there at 49:25. Also with power info dropping out (showing as smart trainer).

Not as egregious as the 35min pro-contract contenders, but still a good amount lighter than me on the verge of being hard to believe.

I use a heart rate monitor all the time. I don’t know if other people can see my heart rate, but hopefully it shows that there is a real person there suffering away and trying to get better.

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Dang, I’m jealous! I did ADZ a few days ago with an average of 237 watts, which got me to the top in 67 minutes and change. I gotta go on a diet! Lol.

Yeah I’m very light. But 10-11 minutes slower than my best after the accident.

I used to be able to sit on 230-240w comfortably at each segment but now it wrecks me if I do it for two segments one after the other. It’s all part of the long road back. My quickest ADZ before the accident was with a 278w average power IIRC.

I put on a little weight in some places but lost it elsewhere, such as in my left leg through muscle wasting. :frowning: that’s proving hard to get back. So my weight remained the same overall but I ended up with serious problems of a very weak left leg.

Over time that will respond.

I notice the folk who are going impossibly fast, I look at their power via profile page and cross reference the watts/kg shown and do the calculations to see weight.