When to use the Mixed Category

Hi it’s me again. I am still a bit confuse. :sweat_smile:
Quite annoyed still that I got DQ’d from the previous Crit Race. :crazy_face:

The question I have is when to use the Mixed Category? I am a C on the Mixed and B on Women.
Surely the C means I can join the C in any race including the Crit Race! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 15.48.14

Yes, you’re right. You should enter C in most races, and B for women-only races.

what was the DQ for?
maybe you exceeded the Cat C power limits (3.2w/kg)

I did! and I got the message saying I was too strong…but this was 3 seconds on the race! 3 measly seconds I had to sprint to stay with the front group :roll_eyes: Doesn’t mean I can do again…Ugh :confused:

Hi Ben, it does say 3.2 but with 200w FTP. That’s definitely not my FTP! I wish! :crazy_face:
So that’s why it’s a bit confusing… 3.2 and 200w. How does that make sense?

The in-race anti-sandbagging controls in Crit City are pretty poor, and lighter (and female) riders often get wrongly flagged up. Just avoid those races.

it’s to make things fairer for lightweight riders.

in order to be promoted from C → B, you need to a) exceed 3.2 w/kg (95% of 20min power) avg in 3 events in last 90 days and b) ur raw FTP (95% of 20min power) wattage needs to be above 200w.

lightweight riders can exceed the category w/kg limits as long as their FTP is below 200w (which is a bit questionable imo :D) but if their sprint power sucks then it won’t help much as breaking away with >5km to go is usually not effective vs a group drafting.

so - on ur zwiftpower profile - wats ur DQ code? wats ur 20min power for the race? and ur avg 20min power from 3 best races in last 90 days? all this info is visible on ur profile page.

anti-sandbagging races have additional systems in place which monitor 1 & 5 min power, and will give you the “green cone of shame” if you exceed power of that expected in ur category (this is typically >6 w/kg for 1min in Cat C, altho exact number Zwift uses is unknown).

anyway sounds like u are able to put out well over >3.2w/kg so u prolly got a WKG DQ tag. gotta keep that power down to avoid getting DQ’d - and if ur a lightweight rider - try a hillier race as crit city is thicc boi territory (heavier riders go faster at same w/kg than lighter riders - so if they ride at cat limit u cant touch em without getting DQ’d).

Thanks Ben! I didn’t finish the race because I got the green cone of shame so I just quit. I am sure you know that once you get dropped on a Crit Race it’s quite hard to get back on, most specially when, in my case, at that point, I wasn’t moving and there was no power number to show. I was just a bit annoyed because I was feeling good that day! :sweat_smile: