When (time of day, time zone) does the course change from UCI Richmond to Watopia?

(Gina Ames) #1

I know that the calendar says what days are UCI Richmond & what days are Watopia, but I can’t seem to find what time of day that change happens.  Can someone help me?

(Mark M Mermelstein (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Gina,

We’re back on Watopia starting midnight tonight, Friday, EDT (UTC-4hrs).

I hope this helps!


(Gina Ames) #3

It does, thank you!

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Gina, 

You can also find the course calendar on our website. HERE is one for March. April’s calendar will be up soon. You can also see it in Zwift right after the Log in screen :slight_smile:

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