When paired via bluetooth, Saris Trainers cannot complete spindown through Zwift/report resistance issues

How do you open a ticket I have same issue with same machine?

Fire your test managers and testers. Something this obvious simply should not happen. This would be like step #4 in a test script. After powering up trainer, launching the app and pairing. How could testing this update not catch this?


Have had email from Zwift support that they are still collecting logs for this issue and there is no ETA at this time for fix, except “soon.” The app is now basically unusable for those of us using trainer with iPad/Apple TV and there is no alternative workaround with ANT+. Can’t Zwift make the prior version available for download until this is resolved???

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Same here. No resistance on my CycleOps Hammer using Apple 4K TV. The Bluetooth light on the Hammer just blinks blue.

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Same issue here with Apple TV. Was told to just check for updates but hope it’s fixed for the tour of Watopia on Tuesday!

Same issue here. Must have happened within the last 4 days. Running latest Zwift app on IiPhone XS Max Bluetooth to Kickr Gen 1 with latest firmware. Using Free ride with no resistance change during elevation. Raised a ticket and said they are working on a fix. Response below

“ Thanks for contacting Zwift support, and I’m sorry to hear about your recent resistance inconsistencies.

Our developers have been researching recent ERG and resistance concerns on a few models of smart trainers since our last update, and we have hopes to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Once this is fixed, we’ll likely be offering a new update to Zwift. Please periodically check the App Store for a new version. We also have a forum post about the concern, and as we continue working on a fix, any milestones we reach or new information we can provide will be posted.

In the interim, please check for new firmware versions for your trainer and complete a new calibration in the official Kickr support app​. Please remember to unpair from their app afterward. If you should notice an improvement in ERG mode or resistance in free ride mode in Zwift afterward, please let us know.

Our Tier 2 Team is best equipped to handle your situation, so I’m escalating this up to them. Since there are fewer agents at this level, it may take them a bit longer to respond, but they’ll contact you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!

In the meantime, feel free to reply with any questions.”

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Just another upvote for this problem! I’m experiencing it with a CycleOps Hammer across Bluetooth on a MacBook Pro.

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Another issue with the new desert update (35311) I’m not seeing reported is that the virtual gates are no longer appearing in workout mode to signal a change in segment.
I’m also having the widespread ERG issue where about 50% of the time it won’t switch to the new power in a workout segment.
Running a Wahoo Kickr Core with AppleTV 4K, everything up to date and calibrated.

Same here no ERG …running iMac and iPad none work. All updates are updated. I’m running a Elite Novo Smart by Bluetooth which works fine with the Elite Training App…sent all logs to Zwift…if it’s not sorted soon I will be going over to Bkool…:rage:

We have an Elite Quobo…and Mac and Iphones and Apple TV…the update happened…now no resistance…incredibly frustrating as it is still winter where we live…and riding outside is not the greatest!!

Yes, zwift is unusable at the moment. MacBook pro and Novo Elite, no ERG, no zwift!

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Yep, same issue for me with iPad and Kickr. Can not feel gradient changes or do in game calibration anymore. Have raised a support ticket. This has happened to me in the past also with updates, though not as severe as this. My setup is currently unusable. It took Zwift months to fix it last time so hope it is done quickly this time. Something wrong with software QA/QC process if after updates things get broken. Might want to review your internal processes Zwift.

Has anyone tried Ant+. Mine is not working with Bluetooth. If Ant+ works then I will buy the dongle.

Hi. Did the Ant+ work…

Hi Richard,

After encountering this issue on iOS (i-Pad) I switched back to ANT+ (running the Windows 10 PC version). Everything works perfectly. Can’t vouch for Mac OS or other devices, but my understanding is that the issue is Bluetooth related, so using ANT+ should fix it regardless of platform.


Hi all,

A little bit of additional info from the Zwift support team on ANT+ / Bluethooth for context:

From: “Zwift Support Team” <support@zwift.com>
Date: 21 April 2019 at 18:37:55 AWST
Subject: Re: Hi Zwift team,I’m encountering issues with
Reply-To: support@zwift.com

Hi Stewart,

I’m glad to hear you have an ANT+ USB dongle and a Mac to ride with. As we’ve been receiving more feedback from the rest of our affected cyclists, ANT+ seems to be the only quick fix.

To ensure you get the update as soon as possible, please periodically check the Apple App Store​ or our Downloads Page​ for a new version. You should be able to switch back soon; our developers are diligently hard at work trying to get a patch out as soon as possible.


David K.
Operations Lead


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Can you explain how it’s possible for Zwift to have released an update and for thousands of users to be unable to use your platform? This really shouldn’t happen. No valid testing before release?

Simply should not happen.


The developers should have been working “diligently” to ensure the problem didn’t happen in the first place.

Simply not good enough.

Hi Stewart.

Thanks for the explanation. I will buy the Ant+ today as it’s a better connection over Bluetooth and try that way. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ll let the Zwift team respond to that one - I’m just another punter :grinning:

However, looking at the number of times a patch drop / version upgrade has unintended consequences in other online games, I can’t say I’m overly surprised.

On the face of it it would appear like something really obvious that should ‘just be picked up’ during development. But stuff always seems to go sideways once things go live ‘in the wild’. I guess its a side effect of having that many different hardware / software configurations (ios / Windows / MacOS / Apple TV / heaps of different smarttrainers / ANT+ & Bluetooth). If all users were on a single hardware platform running an identical trainer through an identical communication protocol things would be easier.

100% agree its frustrating, but I can sort of see how it happens. Perhaps Zwift would be kind enough to provide some free membership time to affected users as compensation…