When closing activity using Comanion app, All fields are zero

If I close a run/ride using the orange button (Long press) I am asked if I wish to end the activity but I don’t get the option to save. The activities show in my Zwift activities with zero distance, Speed etc. If I end the event on my pc it’s fine. It started yesterday by only saving part of my run but since, saves nothing?? The data files in the folder on my pc have the correct details and my XP points are correctly recorded in the app?? screencapture-my-zwift-2019-04-02-19_42_58|309x499

Hi Alan,

If you’re using Zwift on a mobile device (iOS or Android), I recommend double checking the app store to make sure your app is on the most current version. If your apps are up to date, but you’re still having troubles saving the Zwift activity, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

Thank you. I’m using Zwift on pc but the companion app latest version on Android (Galaxy S9)