When can I get kid account?

I submitted application for my kids on Aug 8th. So far I received nothing except for an initial acknowledgement email.Please advice when I can get approval? @joules

Firstly double check your spam etc… There’s been instances where messages have gone there.

Secondly there’s historically been a slight delay in setting up child accounts so it might need more time.

Also check to make sure you’re checking the right email address for confirmation.

Hi @Bo_Wang ! Welcome to the Forums, and thanks flagging this!
I located your last request, and sent a response via email since we’re discussing account specifics.
Just respond to the email, and we’ll get your child’s account all sorted! :smiley:

Thanks. My son’s account has been created. issue is resolved.


Hello, @joules
When my kid’s account can be activated/approved please ?


How long since you submitted the application?

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Strava? :thinking:

Oops ! Thanks, all done mate.

It should take ~a week. Depends on the current demand though, it can take up to 2 weeks at times. I would recommend checking your spam to make sure it isn’t there.

Hi @Romain_Testard - welcome to the forums! :smiley:
It looks like our agents processed your request within a few hours of submission, and you should have received a response by now. If you haven’t, please be sure to check your spam folder to be sure.
If you have any further issues or questions with your child’s account, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team!