When availability zwift WIIL be good for a Moto Z plus?

Hi all. I would like to know if you can Moto Z play in your list. I wanted to try it so hard.


Hi Francis,
We support a bunch of Motorola devices. The two Moto Z variants are below (please excuse formatting):

Manufacturer Name Model Code RAM (TotalMem) Form Factor SoC Screen Sizes Android SDK Versions OpenGL ES Versions

Motorola Moto Z Droid griffin 3777-3780MB Phone Qualcomm MSM8996 1440x2560 23;24;25;26 3.1;3.2
Motorola moto z3 play beckham 3737-3746MB Phone Qualcomm SDM636 1080x2160 27;28 3.2

If you can install from Google Play Store, the game should run.
For further assistance please email support@zwift.com
Thank you for your interest in Zwift Android!