Wheel Size based on Weight for Group rides and Races

It would be more realistic if creating a group ride or race, we are allowed to pick the wheels participant will ride based on weight.


I weight 185 lbs and I ride 65 mm. It would be rare to find on a race or group ride a 150 lb 170lb rider with 65mm wheels. On the other hand, it would be rare for me to ride with an 808 wheels. Maybe I could ride 808 on perfect weather without wind or fast downhill.


Just  as an option.


Sorry I don’t think this a good idea. There’s very little difference in Zwift bewteen the slowest and fastest wheels, just a couple seconds. If implemented it further encounrage weight doping.

Do you mean people will try to increase their weight to get faster wheels?It is an optional feature for racer’s creator to implement. It won’t be mandatory for all the rides.