Wheel Diameter

(Taz Khan) #21

13 months later, and nothing. Come on people, youve allowed children to ride free if their parent/s are paying members.  

We really need to add wheel sizes so can lower the wattage of zpower. Cant get a power meter for a small 20inch wheel bike. And its not practical. 

(Eric ) #22

EDIT: Now released!

Check settings under 'Speed Sensor.'

Hey everyone,

We are actually working correctly and hope to have it ready this winter :slight_smile:

(Eric ) #23

Hey everyone,

We are actually working correctly and hope to have it ready this winter :slight_smile:

(@ JSTootell) #24

That would be fantastic. I can easily borrow a power meter from a friend to calibrate my wheel size(s) with to get reasonably accurate and repeatable numbers. Especially after seeing that the CycleOps Fluid numbers are quite optimistic.

(M. Mishaf) #25

When, when, when???

(Austin McKimmey) #26

New to Zwift and just realized this might make a difference for me, and found this posting. I am currently using a mag trainer, and my road bike has some large 700x30s on them. I imagine that means I’m going slower in the game right? And that my power is off? I would love to be able to correct this, but it seems it still hasn’t happened.

(kevin church) #27

Zwift, please hurry up and tell us when this is coming? 

(kevin church) #28

We’re past winter now

(Eric ) #29

It’s February 1st. Winter still in full effect.

(Michael Henasey) #30

for everyone asking for this feature, you do know that this will be one more avenue for cheaters to cheat…

(Brian McPherson) #31

Could already cheat, nothing preventing me from mounting up a 20" wheel on my bike.

(Brigitte Nill) #32

Seems that the latest updates includes 650c support. But where can I change that? Didn’t found the related setting… oops, found another thread and it says it’s in the settings for the speed sensor. Have to check that out, great!