What's your frame rate?

(Andrew Williams) #1

Let’s post a thread of our observed framerates (frames per second, fps), max and average for Zwift.

Mine maxes out at about 30 and tends to average 18-20.

Nvidia Geforce 660m, 2GB

I’m wondering if higher rates are possible? likely?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Maybe I don’t count, but my desktop runs Zwift at 190fps with a GTX 970.

We do have lots of data on this and the range is 2 to 200fps.

(Brian Hill) #3

How can you measure your FPS?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #4

Download the FRAPS program and this shows the current frame rate.
It is free.

Mine runs around the 45-50 mark. I have an R9 285 card with an i7 920 and 6gb ram.

(Scott LaFountain) #5

Jon you may be the exception to the question!

I average around 45. I am running on an older system but it still runs beautifully. I have a q6600 quad core processor, 4gb of ddr2 ram, and a 1gb gtx260 NVidia card. I just looked up the release dates an my system is about 8 years old!!!

(Andrew Williams) #6

I wonder if there is some setting I can change to improve it. I tried another game (Osmos) yesterday and was steady at 80 fps.

Jon: Do you use custom settings on the Nvidia control panel?

(Kyle Polansky) #7

I get around 25-30fps on “high” settings with my laptop. Haven’t had a chance to test out on my desktop yet.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

On my system at home, I maxed out at 333fps, averaging at 60fps. :slight_smile:

GTX 970 superclocked
16gb RAM

(David Morris (nova.cc)) #9

GTX 750ti and avg about 30fps.

You can edit the config file to show the FPS in the top left corner.  Add

set gShowFPS=1

Also check out the following KB.


There is a log parser there where you can graphically display your frame rates.

(K Prescher (SIC) WSR) #10

What happened to the Zwift Log Parse web application?  I can’t seem to pull it up anymore.