What's your favourite route?

I dare say this has been done before, but…

Sand and Sequoias for me.

I usually have 30-60 mins available to ride, so it fits that well; then I recently changed my H3 from running on Ant+ to BT and suddenly it is much quicker to respond to elevation changes… Titan’s Grove has really come alive for me and I can’t stop choosing it, it just feels so right, now :smiley:

It depends on what i’m looking to get out of the session. S & S is great for working on the punchy riding after a solid ITT effort. A couple of laps is possible in a 60 minute session.

For a pure climbing session i like Innsbruck. I can get up the big climb a couple of times in the hour so two solid 25 minute efforts with a small rest in the middle.