What's this claw fang icon for?

Saw this last night.  A claw? Fang? What’s it mean?

It’s a goat.

A goat? OK. Who gets the goat?

Epic KOM

The goat is on the right under the banner;-)

aha! Not sure how the little white icon looks like a goat, but I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the pic!

Seen from the side:

ahhh. now i see. for a moment there I thought it was a goat from the…err…rear end…a male goat specifically.   Now I can ride with confidence.

Hahah, allright Dan. Glad I could help! #rideon

Dan… at 4.3 W/KG maybe you were O2 depleted and thus couldn’t pattern recognize it…

The good news is, if your seeing the goat Icon it means your climbing great!   Keep Pushing!!!

Not a goat, but an Ibex.