What's the best ANT+ to Bluetooth device for Zwift use on iOS?

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What’s the best device for connecting up my ANT+ sensors to Zwift for iOS. My research so far suggests I need a bridge. It’d be good to know which is best before buying one.

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(Paul Allen) #2

You can use you phone and bridge the connection using the Zwift Mobile App or you can get an adapter and use the Wahoo Ant+ key. 

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Brilliant - thanks Paul.  I’ll give that a shot.  

(Phil Clarke) #4

Hi Damian, 

I’m new to Zwift, so I’m still figuring everything out.  Just started my free trial last Saturday.  Here is some information I came across when trying to solve the same problem.  My MacBook Pro is 8 years old, so I was trying to find something which would allow me to use my Garmin ANT+ devices with Zwift on my iPad.

here are a couple of other options:
– HR monitor which will act as an ANT-to-BLE bridge: Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor from 4iiii

– dedicated unit which will Connect ANT and then rebroadcast as BLE:

There’s a bit more info describing them contained within this article:


I can’t say anything for the 4iii device – seems like a good idea and the company appears to be reputable.  But I did order the CABLE device from NPE.  I have used it once so far, and seemed to do the trick with no issues.

Best of luck!

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(Kin Chen) #5

Add one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=chan.jas0n.ANT2BLE_PowerMeter

(Neill Campbell) #6

I use a bluetooth bridge that I am liking quite a bit.

Hereis a link to my review of it. it’s the CABLE product. Wireless bridge.

(Jan Skrbek) #7

Hi, I want to ask Paul: how did you bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth using ZML? It seems to me it allows me to connect only to bluetooth sensors (which I don’t have…). And yes, my Android phone supports both BLE and ANT+.

(Paul Allen) #8


The ZML only bridges Bluetooth, you would need something like CABLE to bridge ANT+.

(Ewan Hackett) #9

I don’t know if the wahoo is the same as mine but I have an adaptor. It’s a thunderbolt to 30 pin connector and the adaptor sits on he end of that.
What I’ve found is if I plug the converter in first
Then load zwift
Plug the converter in
Ant doesn’t show up - click skip
Then go back to pair as above
And it’s there

Hope this helps

(Esteban Toha) #10

Hi! My name is Esteban and I’m new in the Zwift world. I have a Tacx Blue Matic trainer, the speed and cadence sensor from Garmin and the Garmin stick for ANT+. However, I want to use my iPad pro to train with Zwift, the thing is that iPad do not support ANT+, so I have to use Bluetooth. Reading the comment I see the bridge option ,however, can I use the speed and cadence sensors from Tacx? I understand that the device transmit ANT+ and Bluetooth, it is possible use this sensor and get the readings direct from the iPad? To avoid the use of CABLE+USB ANT+ stick+speed and cadence sensors from GARMIN I will apreciate your help!!!