Whats on the back of the Lorry in Urukazi?

Whats on the back of the lorry in the new Urukazi routes? I keep cycling past it and can’t work out what it is?
It looked like a giant snail but the other side looks like machinery ?
Any ideas ?

Mmm there are “robot parts” scattered around (edit - in Makuri specifically, in the theme of mecha anime), presumably being manufacturered on Mech Island and transported for assembly. We got to see those in Neokyo being shipped on trains and such. Not sure exactly which one you’re talking about but I’d suggest it might be a clenched robot fist.

There’s what seems to be an armoured shoulder. Looks a bit like a big shell.

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Ooh thanks for that , it was really puzzling me !!

Yeah , that’s what I thought it looked like , a giant snail shell :smile:!