What's Next

It has been an interesting 2 months on zwift. With the Tour of Watopia, desert expansion, and Giro TT course. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything else going on now.

So what’s next? How big of a gap until there’s another tour, expansion, or new world?

There is no timelines for new releases that we know of, they may surprise us with something in the summer. But we have been spoiled with so many nice stuff lately that I have my doubts.

Zwift has been busy this year! The Giro Bologna TT was a massive surprise :smile: :+1: The Desert Expansion is quite nice. I find myself there a lot these days. It’s quiet and reminds me of road tripping in the USA.

  • Jan: Guest World selection
  • Feb: Drop Shop
  • April: Desert Expansion
  • May: Giro Bologna TT world/course

Those would be major changes/updates. There were also many small things like new routes, aero powerup change, new frames and wheels in Drop shop, Missions, etc…

The Tour of Watopia is ending. The Giro is ending. May is ending. I imagine that there will be something big in June or July for the Southern hemisphere winter and also to keep the northern hemisphere engaged. Maybe the climbing pass in the Desert that is currently blocked off? Maybe instead of features, they focus on QA and bug fixes for a while? For example,

27d and counting:

39d and counting

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They just had a conference at Zwift HQ. those events usually coincide with new Zwifty things. Although, the one was quite a ways out from New York drop. Don’t ask Simon, he forgot his papers and was denied entry to US.

Watopia part two of desert should be soon. Harogate probably not until late August. Tour de France rumors? I would sooner be surprised than to expect it this year and then be disappointed. Zwift Academy should be August. Hopefully, ghost riders is making progress toward late 2019? Level 51-75 at some point also.

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