What's new on Zwift Island? around 12/27

Zwift did an update before my ride last night (12/27/14). I was attempting to get a better time for the Holiday 40k challenge, but it looks like the metrics were change to reflect a more accurate correlation between power, speed, and elevation.

Anyone else notice this change? Can someone at Zwift confirm this?

This is great news for accuracy, but bad news for anyone trying to “win” the Holiday 40k Challenge because results before this update are much faster!

No math was changed in the update. The leaderboards were fixed to address the incorrect (super fast) times that were showing, and the voice sound bytes were changed. That is all that was addressed.

Thank you for the fast reply. I record and then upload each ride to Strava with both Zwift, and my bike computer (JouleGPS). Here is a small table with my results that made me question if the math had changed. I did a lot more sprinting in the 1st attempt, and had a higher cadence in the 3rd. Surprising to see how much riding style is affecting my results.

Attempts at Holiday 40k challenge.
(results are Averages mph,Watts)
1st 2nd 3rd
speed 22.6 21.5 20.0
power 282 253 218
cad 94 93 98

speed 17.5 17.9 19.2
power 274 253 220
cad 94 95 100

I also noticed Santa’s Sleigh turned back into a Zwift Blimp, and the Snowman is no longer on the climb

Steve, can you send links to the 2 strava rides to support with a note to forward them to me, or post the links here?

Karl, those are based on the calendar actually, the update didn’t change that. Keep an eye out on NYE for the next holiday surprise.