What's happening with TdZ results on Zwiftpower?

Can anyone explain why not all TdZ results are appearing on Zwiftpower? For example, for Stage 4, I can only see results for Chain Chomper and something called “5k Loop” (what is that, BTW?) with no other route options showing.

I think you’re looking at a running event.

Aah, that would explain the 5k loop, but I think the CC is bike. I can find no way to display results for the other routes - are they there somewhere? (I’m quite new to Zwiftpower, so don’t really know my way around). Would appreciate any help, thanks.

Try clicking on Events, then Results, then adding TDZ into the search bar on the right.

I think you can run and ride on Chain Chomper, but I don’t run on Zwift so I’m not sure.

Thanks James, that’s taken me to the results I’m looking for - appreciate you help. Phil

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that’s correct, you can run any cycling route.

I’m with you Phil. I followed the link that James suggested and did indeed find the Serpentine 8 (long route) but when I clicked on it it came up with Chain Chomper and 16km. My personal profile dashboard shows 16km too but if I select ‘Activities’ it lists the long ride of 27km??. I can’t see the long ride listed anywhere on the Events pages…all the other stages have been correctly listed (I rode on Friday 21st).

It’s because Zwiftpower doesn’t handle it well then there’s multiple different routes on the same event. Serpentine 8 was definitely 27km. I did it 3 times :slight_smile:

Thanks James. The other stages had displayed ok so was worried that my litres of sweat and jelly legs had been in vain😅.

I dread to think about the volume of sweat that will have come out of my forehead over the course of this series.