What's going on with ZwiftPower?

There has got to be room for races that exclude zpower riders despite not wanting to prohibit any paying member of Zwift for the most part. They can schedule any number of events in a given day. Also, hopefully long term means something like next year for a points based system.

Does that come before or after the full release of club functionality? And maybe they’ll bring the fence back too? Maybe when Eric said March for the UI he really meant March 2021 :thinking:


Easy solution. Just use the club functionality to create a race event just for invited users. If you don’t invite people on bad equipment they can’t ruin the race. See it’s all fixed and good.


Apart from the people who maintained and developed it… no longer maintaining and developing it. But fair enough, plans are to follow. It’ll be good to hear what they are.

In the meantime, how does one report a bug, or request a feature, or find out how something works? Who’s the point of contact now? Is Dave being retained and employed to keep running the forum and administering the results/teams/leagues? He does a ton of what is now customer support work on behalf of Zwift.

Still a number of unanswered questions.


That’s could work, but it might be easier for Zwift to restrict those proper races to people with acceptable equipment. They already know what we are pairing to use Zwift.

First of all, massive thanks to @Glen_Knight, @James_Hodges_KRT and of course @S_ticky_KRT
Without you, Zwift racing would be simply non existent and I can’t stress enough how much is your time and effort valued in this community. It is frankly sad to find out that whatever happened recently seems to be far from perfect transition. I for one don’t understand at all, why you wouldn’t be the most important sought after assets for the new “integrated solution”. Unless of course it was your choice, rather than Zwift’s. Or the reasons were as trivial as your locality.

Now to be completely honest, I’m mildly worried. In many ways Zwift Power and Zwift itself are polar opposites in the way how they deal with everything - from attention to detail, via access to data, to user support and development. It would be frankly heartbreaking to see such a great tool being assimilated into Zwift and gradually dumbed down to the same cartoonish level as the rest of the product.

They really can’t be more different. The vastly simplified childish outdated Zwift UI, versus the detailed stats and data rich heaven that’s ZP. The amount of data and available analysis and comparisons in ZP vs Zwift’s results table with position and time. The community oriented and easily accessible ZP team vs largely distant Zwift HQ (to put it mildly).

I really don’t know what’s the grand plan here. I can’t see Zwift suddenly transforming part of its functionality into such a complex tool as ZP is. And keeping it frozen in time while making it more seamlessly integrated with Zwift is also hardly a rosy future. So what are we going to get?

  1. Will ZP stay as it is, frozen in time, not developed anymore, just integrated with Zwift with one login, while staying as still largely two separate entities?
  2. Will Zwift change it spots (finally) and become more serious data rich and engaging complex (for those who want it to be) racing platform, rather than just a game?
  3. Is Zwift working on some complete uber racing overhaul and ZP’s ideas will just be taken as an inspiration and re-developed into the new Zwift?
  4. Will Zwift integrate ZP’s powerful tools and data analytics, but use it just internally and we will still just get this useless leaderboard in Zwift Companion app?
  5. And why were the guys responsible for such a great tool sidetracked?

Please Zwift, don’t let this disappear into oblivion. You have a chance to transform into something quite unique. Integrate and expand on what ZP is for all of us. And you absolutely should involve the original team in your discussions, planning, development and future.

just my 2c


I have to say, this is something I’m not keen on happening. Not just in terms of the data that might be available, but explicitly the way it’s presented. In many respects, “RaceView” that was soft launched with the virtual Tour de France was great. It emulated aspects of the ZwiftPower LIVE view, for example.

The data might be great. The numbers perfect. The functionality second to none. But the visual design language of Zwift’s recent website developments doesn’t say “serious” to me. Same with the activities feed. I dare say there’s a reason for this (most likely that it’s designed for a mobile phone or tablet), but I use a desktop PC with a large screen and I prefer interfaces that are designed for that and make the most of the screen space available.


Hi @shooj, who do we contact for support for issues related to ZwiftPower? For example, the listed segments on ZP are missing all France sprints, some KOMs, and none of the Paris segments. This raises a concern, as will be doing a points race on the Paris map soon, and wondering if the segments will be available for doing the points.

Looking at two events on ZwiftPower, the Primes tab shows no segment data, e.g., https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=980022 & https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=979920


The course profiles are missing too.

@shooj Yea would like to know that too, we have league coming up and who to contact getting logo and stream link up running on the event?

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I can add the logo and stream for you.

I can’t however add segments and course profiles.

That was the work of James Hodges.

@shooj yep, same here. The Stages of DIRT should be on different France maps for a special series starting mid august. We will need data for all primes for this.

Oh great, how to contact you? I had Dave on messenger Will that work for you too?
The Series and league starts in september.
Cheera Klaus

I am Dave buddy :slight_smile:

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I’m Dave and so’s my wife!

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Any ideas on when these and the segments will be added?

Set some good segment times tonight. Shame I won’t even able to see them. :+1:

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Please email support@zwift.com with ZwiftPower questions

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Thanks for this. Where we have questions regarding current discrepancies regarding our own and our organised results - where do we go to get the superb support that the wonderful people at ZwiftPower provided?


You know the answer to that question…