What's for winter 2020/2021

Hi All!

Now the genie is out of the bottle (France/Paris/vTdF/etc.) I think it’s time to talk about the next big event which usually gets millions of Zwifting hours into the system - winter on northern hemi.

The Futureworks category gone quiet in the past 8-10 weeks (now we know why :wink: ), except a boost mode testing. vTdF and the new roads are exciting, although it generated a new kind of road rage (myself included…).

I think I’m not alone, so I’ll list some features here I’d like to (and probably others too based on the commenst) to see implemented by the start of 2020/2021 winter season.

  • Menu structure. It’s one of the most commonly mentioned vaporware so far…
  • Creating a Club around the already present good few couple of big Fb groups (Zwift Hungary included)
  • Ability to organize Club events without the need of Meetup back and forth of inviting/checking/third party services to signal the wish to participate
  • Club races. Like Meetup race results but Club races, designated as races, so the participants understand the purpose of the event
  • Jarvis as Club events pace setter (like he did during the initial beta)

I’m sure there are a good few couple of ideas in the bag, from ZHQ side and from user’s side, throw it in… And yes, I’m aware it’s the Nth topic about it, I just hope it’ll get higher in the agenda this summer to actually HAVE the new features ready by the start of autumn of the northern hemi.

Maybe I sound ungrateful, but I assure you it is not the case! I appreciate the effort from ZHQ, all the programmers, communication (ehm…), events, etc. Thank you for the effort! We have great use of the product, but we’d like to use some of the features promised / wished for for years on end (like the menu structure - seriously, it’s getting an ongoing joke now…)


Nice post, intrigued to see what’s coming too.

Out of interest, how many users would be zwifting at peak times in the Northern Hemisphere winter? Wondering if there would be a lot more than when we were in COVId lockdown

Hi mate, thanx :slight_smile:
Actually COVID lockdown boosted the numebrs greatly. Peak numbers during january were like between 16-17 thousands, while in lockdown it hit 38+ thousands. I exepct that the 38k user will not be there as peak, but also the 16-17k Zwifter will be superseded. My guess (only guess, no background info) is about 24-25k Zwifter around peak (if lockdowns doesn’t persist through next winter).