What's being delivered in Makuri Islands?

There’s a white flatbed truck on Makuri Islands, which is delivering something – what the heck is it?

There are men next to the truck, waiving cyclists by. I stopped to ask one of them, but apparently, they do not speak English.

Anyone have a guess what that thing is on the flatbed being delivered??

Mech parts.

I’m hoping for more creative specificity.

Upgraded mech parts to help finally defeat the pesky kaiju in the mecha vs kaiju expansion for Makuri that we haven’t been told about yet.

My lungs

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… all that taking place on Mt. Fuji!

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…IN Mt. Fuji. No self-respecting villain would have a hideout merely ‘on’ a volcano, it has to be ‘in’ or you’re nobody.

Previous speculation was that they are Gigantor parts.


‘Weather balloons’


True, true.

some flat pack furniture from ikea

Fairly sure it go a mention on the defunct OJ Borg Zwift weekly show they used to do, back when makuri first was released (or maybe the neokyo expansion?)

I assumed when I saw 20-foot metallic hands on the back of trucks that they were literal Ride-On Bombs.

one of those giant hands on a flatbed on mech isle appears to be subtley flicking the bird!