What would you buy?

(Sam Hudson) #1

So I’m about to hit buy it now on a tacx flow. It’s reconditioned with Warrenty from a half decent seller (according to reviews)

It’s £130.

Should I buy it or is there something I should hold out for I.e an extra 30 quid gets me something loads better - or - I’d need to spend another £100 at least to get much noticeable difference?

I want zwift to control the resistance etc which it does with the flow (thanks for the advice on other post) I’m entry level - I don’t really care about losing a few watts due to inaccuracy I just want to go for an interesting 30 minute ride twice a week and an hour or so of a Sunday to build up my stamina ready for next years decent weather. Been invited to a local group ride but don’t wanna hold them up lol. So zwift will be where I do all my training through winter. I want a trainer to enable that to be fun