What temperature do you like for your Zwift room?

I like my house a little colder and haven’t turned the heat on yet this year. Yesterday when I went to ride on Zwift I noticed the inside temperature was 64 degrees. I rode without any fans and it felt pretty good.

I just wondered if other people had a certain temperature that they liked to keep their Zwift room at? Do you use your fans when it is colder.

I use the upstairs of my garage for Zwift which is set at 10 C or 50 F.
I start riding with shorts on and a light jacket over my short sleeve jersey. As I warm up I remove the jacket. I have fans hooked up to WiFi controlled outlets and use iPhone app to turn on fans as required to keep me cool. I like it cool so I’m not dripping sweat all over my bike and the floor. I have a total of 3 fans that I can turn on. Coat and sweat pants go on as soon as I finish the ride.

one for way down the development road but it would be nice to have zwift record room temp as a metric. would be a luxury metric, but interesting comparison. I live in india and its always hot, with ac on full blast it maybe gets down to 20 c ish. and big fan.

I like that idea… it would be really interesting to see what difference temperature has on the rides.