What is your FPS on MacBook Air 11"?

(Robin Wehrs) #1

Hello everybody,

I am interested what the FPS on your MacBook Air 11" is.

I bought a brand new one (4GB + 128GB) and now try using it with Zwift.
I connect it to a Full HD TV via a Mini Displayport to HDMI cable, mirroring the MacBook Air Screen to the TV.

I aborted my first try because it was very laggy. I mean it looks running quite smooth but there seems to be a lag every 2-3s. I opened a support ticket because there were a lot of posts that it runs good even on much older MacBook Airs.

At the same evening I connected again to Zwift, this time without the Suunto Movestick Mini and TV, and it was very smooth. Meanwhile I found out that the FPS is in the Log and I had 25-54fps.

So I tried again yesterday evening and again the lag.

After my trainings session I disconnected from TV and Suunto Movestick Mini and again smooth with 30+ fps.

Anybody experience the same?
Any solution proposals?