What is the lighted panel in front of bikes

What is the lighted panel in front of some riders? It’s at the handlebar height and looks like a table or tray in front of them. The ones I’ve noticed are green but there might be other colors.

It means they are doing a workout.


And the colours relate to their power zones. Grey - blue - green - yellow - orange - red. If you see someone with a red panel, they’re working hard. :smiley:


and if you look even closer, you can see the power and heart rate on the display


Yeah, really upsetting when you see someone in the blue zone doing 300W. :smiley:

…with a HR < 100bpm!!

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Dont forget weights below 150 heights over 5’8" and in their 40-50s… When Zift pros get beat in a 1hr race it just reinforces what eveyone knows and why people will eventually lose patience. Its one of the reasons I rarely race on Zwift too many people cheat. But its mirrors real life and one of the reason less and less people are road and critt racing and moving to gravel or cross. Same issue is starting to appear in Cross as well. If you cant create parity people dont want to shell out the money to race IRL and same will hold true on Zwift over time … people will just find an alternative

Let’s get this thread back on topic.

Ride On!

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Good to know, I also often wondered what that was for, would’ve been nice if the rider doing the workout also saw it.

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