What is that red fuzz ball?

I have been riding Zwift for over a year and keep seeing this red floating fuzz ball.  Mostly around the finish line in Watopia.  I figure it is intentional but don’t know what it represents.  Anyone else seen this or is just me?  More importantly, anyone know what it means?

Do you have a screenshot?

Haven’t yet…will grab one the next time I see it.

Below is an image with the fuzzball.  It shows up at different points but usually around the start line in Watopia (in this case after the start as you head into the aquarium).  It is stationary when I see it but will show up in different places with each ride.

Might be some glitch in the code for the Personal Best confetti. I wish I could tag someone from Zwift so they can tell us what it is.

Unrelated to the confetti as it has been occurring for a long time.  I figured someone else had to have seen it.  It could be aliens :slight_smile:

Hey Michael -

Based on your screenshot, we believe what you are seeing is what we call the ‘Navi bug’. What you see is your bike’s rear light, but due to a glitch it is being rendered several feet to the side of where it is supposed to be placed. While we have occasionally seen this issue in our tests, we do not currently know what causes it, as we cannot reliably reproduce it.

If you see this issue regularly on your computer, can you confirm that it is only happening at ‘night’ in the game and if it happens during every night period or only in certain map areas, and can you please confirm that your graphics card video driver is the most up to date version?


FWIW; saw it today myself… around 23.4 miles into my ride. Only lasted about a second or so. 

I have confirmed that this occurs only at night when the bike tail light is on.  The red fuzz ball gets “deposited” by another bike’s tail light.  For me the fuzz ball is persistent vs. fleeting.  It will stay there for minutes.  I can turn around and ride by it in both directions.

The recommendation from Zwift support is to upgrade the video driver.  I am looking into this.  The default NVIDIA software on my dedicated laptop I use for Zwift indicates it is up-to-date, but the version number is an older version.  Zwift support has asked that I run the check from an NVIDIA site but it requires JAVA be installed so that is the next step.