What is needed to get started "Zwifting"?

Hi there, 

I’ve been looking at Zwift for awhile now, trying to decide what smart trainer to get, beginner wise and noise wise (I live on the 2nd floor in an apartment and I don’t want to start a neighbor fight). 

I’ve decided to go for the Tacx Flux  as it seems direct drive is less noisy, the Flux unit itself doesn’t make that much noise and it is at a reasonable price for starting out, compared to other direct drive trainers. 

The only thing I seem to have trouble finding a clear answer to, is what I actually need to buy to get started? I’m going to use my MacBook Pro (2016) with an HDMI connection to a larger screen + the Zwift App on my iPhone X mounted on my bike to control Zwift.

I’m reading some places that I need to buy a cassette because it’s not included in the Tacx Flux package, an ANT+ USB dongle as an antenna and some other stuff. 

_ So I would really appreciate if somebody would make it clear to me what else to buy than the Tacx Flux unit to get started?  _


Over on Tacx’s Flux Support Page, there’s a section showing Features and Specifications. Check the Suitable Bikes and Suitable Cassettes section. If your bike doesn’t already have one of the included Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo cassettes, you may need to purchase one.

Aside from the cassette, if you already have an ANT+ Dongle and USB Extension Cable, that’s all you should need.

We have an article that goes over most of the hardware and game setup which may help too.

Ride On!

Awesome, thanks David.

Ride on!