What is file "Device0.txt" and why is it so large?

I was scanning my drive on Windows for large files that I can clean up (like those that Windows update or other installers leave behind), and one of the files I saw was “Device0.txt” in the Zwift root directory. What is this file, and why is it 446MB in size?
It was last updated 2 weeks ago, which seems to tie in with the last time Zwift updated, but I was just curious what this file was for.

Looks like a log of communications with your devices. Lots of Tx and Rx entries which should stand for transmit and receive.

Knowndevices.xml in Documents/Zwift lists known devices. I assume device0.txt relates to whatever is listed under [0]

I dare you to remove Device0.txt and see what happens. Spoiler, I just did that and had no problems.

If it was last modified before the last update I’d suspect that a debug flag was left on which is why it was writing and the last update turned that flag off.

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I suspected something to do with the debugging my devices. Before I remove it, it would be nice to get something from Zwift officially (I don’t like file hogging my SSD) @Wes

@StevenGilbert how long have you been using that Zwift install? Has it been years?

You should be totally OK deleting the large file but if you’re worried about the impact, simply renaming it to something else and restarting the app should create a fresh Device0.txt.


Yes, been a few years since I installed Zwift. Will delete, thanks for confirming