What is allowed to be said about Zwift on social-medai/blog sites?

In the introduction e-mail, we were told this"

“Feel free to share the holiday spirit (or brag about your swag) with some social media love! We’ll be eagerly watching for #zwiftmas and #zwiftbeta.”

But when accepting the terms-of-use, I read this:

"Confidential Nature of Beta Materials, Program. You acknowledge and agree that Beta Materials, the Program and any information regarding your use of Beta Materials, whether shared with Zwift or not, are Zwift’s confidential information. You will use Beta Materials only in your home solely for the purpose of testing the Beta Materials in connection with the Program, and you will not transfer, distribute or disclose any of the Beta Materials, Feedback, or any information in connection with the Program to any third party, including through a public exhibition or display of this information.

You will not discuss your experience with Beta Materials with third parties or publish or disseminate information about those experiences."

We’ve all seen Strava uploads, Facebook posts, and other references to Zwift experiences… I would be willing to promote Zwift, but don’t want to risk being removed from the Beta program.

I’m sure the official Zwfit folks will weigh in but they have been very encouraging of social media posts via Twitter/FaceBook/Instagram/Strava.

I too would like an “official” answer to this question as the attitude about what is wanted and allowed is not consistent with the agreement we all clicked “agree” to. I realize we, as a society, click “agree” to a lot of things, but if Zwift policy is different than the actual agreement we all should have some official clarification, in writing, that is clear and direct.

Jens has been posting to facebook, so I would think something similar to what jens is posting is probably ok. Definitely good to have clarification from Zwift on guidelines

Right. So it looks like the legal department was a bit overzealous in taking a standard line on the Beta EULA.

Zwift is happy for beta participants to share their experiences and action shots on social media provided that posts are clearly marked as BETA. Just use #zwiftbeta and Ride On.

We’ll get the EULA updated accordingly to alleviate any confusion.