What is a "lap" in terms of achievements

(Alex Ryback) #1

Zwift has routes and segments, but what is a “lap”?

Re-asking because the following post didn’t get an answer.



(Paul Allen) #2

It is explained here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206401603-Lap-Achievement

With a Link to here explaining which route you must take: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/213336506-Zwift-Courses-and-Routes?section=201088439

(Steve Ellis) #3

The Zwift Courses and Routes post does not itself answer the question of what routes qualify as a “lap” for the ride a lap for X days in a row achievement. On that post, the word “lap” is only used in the context of the Volcano Circuit and the Jungle Circuit.

Piecing that together with the second Zwift response on the other post, “The route that corresponds with the overall lap segment for each course is indicated in our courses and routes article,” I suppose the plain answer to the question of what is a lap for the lap achievement is:

  • Watopia - Hilly (This is the original route and corresponds with the Overall segment/leaderboard.)
  • Richmond - Full Course (This is the original route and corresponds with the Overall segment/leaderboard.)
  • London - Loop (This is the route that corresponds with the Overall segment/leaderboard.)

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #4

I remember this being asked ages and ages ago. 

The answer I recall is that whichever course you are on, you need to ride the equivalent of the original Watopia lap (i.e. the hilly route) to qualify.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #5

I disagree. I got my 14 day achievement and a few of my rides were not “laps” at all. One of them was Watopia from the start up to the castle and back. Another was reverse from start and up to volcano KOM and then part way to ruins.

I asked support a while ago, and they didn’t have an answer, but said you just needed an activity, at least over 20 minutes of riding. I think the “lap” acheivement comes from the days when there was only a single route.

(Steve Ellis) #6

Steven: so your experience, and what you heard from Zwift support, is that riding 20 minutes or more counts as having ridden a “lap” that day. 

That’s different from what Zwift posted in another thread, but if that’s what it is, that’s what it is.

I’ve never Zwifted on 14 consecutive days, so I have no direct experience.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #7

All I can say is that from my experience, I got the 14 day achievement (which was hard work) without cycling 14 “laps” as described above. I always do more than 30 mins, and not always start banner to start banner, and I got the achievement.

I agree that Zwift need to redefine what the “lap” achievements are, but I think if you cycle a real ride, then that counts as a “lap”

(Hybrid Noob) #8

My experience, having just been awarded the 14 day achievement, is that this is highly likely to be linked to the distance you ride. Best guess: so long as you ride further than the original hilly lap each day the achievement will register. In my case I actually did ride a variety of laps on each of the 3 courses but one day only included several London Classique laps as part of a group ride. This is actually a shorter lap than the hilly lap which is why, alongside what’s written above and elsewhere with people saying they just covered distances greater than the hilly lap without technically completing a lap, I suspect it’s all about the distance. In other words ride further than the hilly lap each day and it should work. To be sure complete any lap and ride further than the hilly lap each day, that worked for me. Also note the achievement triggers the next time you log in after riding 14 days, in my case straight after the 14th ride without even being paired to sensors.

(Ian Anderson (WCC)) #9

I have just ticked off my Seven Day achievement (was hoping for 14)

Null) Three Sisters
Null) Volcano Circuit (completed the 4.3km around the island back to my start position BUT did not pass the lap ticker inside the volcano twice so this did NOT count it seems, 11 mins)

  1. Richmond Flat Loop (Workout Mode)
  2. Greatest London Loop (Workout Mode)
  3. London Loop (Race)
  4. Tour of Fire and Ice (Just Ride)
  5. Road to the Sky (only 8 of the 21 hairpins, Workout mode)
  6. Volcano Circuit (this time I rode for 7.4km and 18mins, making sure that I activated the Volcano Circuit lap ticker, recovery pace)
  7. Big Loop (Tour of Watopia Stage 1)
    Achievement badge was activated when logged in on day eight before I had even turned a pedal.