What happens when the route is done and you keep in pedalling?

Good morning!
Up to now I rode routes that matched the duration of my training. Now I want to ride a route (Whole Lotta Lava) a couple of times in a row in one training. What will happen when the route is completed for the first time and I keep on pedalling? Is it possible to do this route three times as one ride? Will it just keep on following the same route until I stop riding? Or do I need to upload/save the ride and start the route again every time I finish the route?

Thanks in advance for the input.

You will remain on the route and continue riding…

However, there is an unknown. For event only routes (eg Keith Hill After Party) that are used on some club events i’m not sure what happens.


I think this is generally right, most of the routes are set up as loops. So, you tend to finish right at the start of the loop. To the OP, don’t forget that each route has a lead in, which is usually pretty short. If you keep riding on the same route, you won’t cover the lead in distance again. This shouldn’t matter most of the time, but just a heads up.

Another very minor point is that for routes going up Ventoux and the Alpe du Zwift, there’s a roundabout at the top of the mountain and you go back down. Once you’ve descended, if you want to climb again in the same session, you will need to manually U-turn. What kind of person would want to climb those mountains multiple times?

The Keith Hill After Party is interesting. It looks like if you keep riding past the finish, you should eventually encounter a decision point where the game could either route you back to the start in London, or make you keep climbing Keith Hill. I am going to guess the former, but maybe I ride the Keith Hill After Party route during the Tour de Zwift and find out.

I had the same question regarding today’s third stage of TDZ. I wanted to look at my Finish-line statistics, but because I kept peddling and in fact turned around and rode back down the hill, the length of the ride, and the time of the ride, change significantly.

Is there anyway to look at the finish line statistics if you keep riding after you cross the finish line of a stage?

I don’t know about the functionality in Zwift itself, but I woud suggest Strava or any other platform that support segment analyses. All important parts of the route are covered in segments on Strava, and if not, it is easy to make a segment for a part of the route yourself. Strava has already quite some insights and statistics, but if you use Chrome extensions there is a huge amount of additional statistics available.