What happening with feature updates to Zwift?

(Zak P) #1

Before every Zwift ride I check for updates to see if anything new is out.  As I patiently wait I’m wondering if any hints be given as to the near-term new feature plans?   Last mention I heard was:

London Expansion - pre Christmas - DONE - And it is fantastic!  Thanks!

Major Watopia expansion - early January

Visual Goods store - Q1 2018

New map - around March 2018

Still sound about right except for the dates?


(Paul Allen) #2

Zwift does not give dates when features or expansions are released.

(Zak P) #3

Not really looking for a dates just wondering about upcoming features.  It was refreshing to get the above general outline of new goodies in the works.   Is this roughly still the plan?  Exact dates don’t need to be there but it is good to know that things are happening.  Often the new game release notes hint at upcoming “Big Features” etc.  



(Paul Allen) #4

You can watch ZwiftCast and/or check ZwiftInsider, sometime they mention what might be coming in the future.

(Mr. Alpaca The Avatar) #5

What is visual goods store

(Zak P) #6

Sorry Typo.  “Virtual good store” not visual.  A assume you’ll be able to accumulate in-game xp or points to spend on new in-game customizations like jerseys and bikes.

(Edwin Thaves) #7

Before adding new features Zwift should fix the issues with frequent crashes, stuttering graphics and dropped Bluetooth connections. I’ve been having nothing but problems since the last app update. 

(Vytautas Jokubonis) #8

Graphics now terrible. Before was OK. Neverending server login problems also persists.

(Mitch Godfrey) #9

Zwiftcast and Zwift Insider have been very mum on upcoming releases lately. Except that they both have stated that world switching needs to happen sooner rather than later. 

(Zak P) #10

I know.  Not a peep.   Once you sign an NDA and actually know what’s coming there is no room for speculation.  They should have me on to speculate for them.