What happened to the CVR events?

What happened to the CVR/XRS/ZTR events? They apparently all disappeared from event list. The ZTR is of the oldest running races?

https://www.cvrcade.com/ might explain the CVR ones going.

No idea about the others.

I think race organizers is starting to loose interest. Those people is putting in a lot of work to promote races but after the GDPR issue there are less people on Zwift Power and there is no open API anymore to get data from zwift.
I would think as races series start to decline so will group rides because it is mostly the “racers” that lead and organize group rides.

This is a sad fact, also it is my feeling, I don’t have inside info.

As Daren noted CVR are working on there own “game”


Riding over three years with Zwift leaves the impression that scenery is the top priority. We get new worlds tied to special events and interests – Richmond Worlds, Prudential RideLondon, Innsbruck Worlds, New York (???). We get denser, more detailed and fantastic environments.

We get added functionality – reliability and features – seemingly more slowly. Races, group rides and events are still liable to break, as the Tour of New York has for some just this week. We have gotten some improvements for races and other group events – like registration, starting pens, and options for event isolation and world choice. We did get workout basics. But other functionality is neglected, such as placement of results by actual w/kg classification, so that riders who demonstrably are stronger than class D, etc., are not winning class D races. Or not riding at impossible speeds around curves.

I don’t have a way to score the added scenery/roads versus added functionality. But it does seem that if you value functionality then your trust, that what you want is coming soon, may be waning.

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