What happened to alpe du zwift?

(Alexandre Gusmao) #1

I am on level 12, almost 13, and I rode alpe du zwift for 4 or 5 times (don’t know for sure).
Suddenly from a few days ago, I am not able to find alpe du zwift to ride in the available routes.
Anybody knows why this is happening?
I am finishing the 12w ftp program and I started using alpe du zwift to reach faster the tron bike, but now its not possible anymore :frowning:

(David K) #2

The Alpe Du Zwift is a route available when our Watopia course is offered. Days that we host courses from London or Richmond, the Alpe Du Zwift isn’t accessible. We generally mix each course throughout the month to keep the scenery fresh and encourage the social aspects of Zwift.

We keep a calendar showcasing which days of each month certain courses are scheduled on our Community page.

I’ll include this month’s course callander for you below:

(Alexandre Gusmao) #3

Dear David,

Thank you very much for your explanation.


(David K) #4

You’re totally welcome! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns. We’re always around and happy to help.

Ride On!

(James Beran) #5

You change to any course any day, it’s a simple text edit away.



(Alexandre Gusmao) #6

James Beran,

That’s the kind of comment that every rider wants to read!

Thank you so much!


Ride Safe!!!

(Mikael Jonsson) #7

Alexandre, there is even a simpler way to choos world…

Just remember to change back to follow schedual and save after a ride, otherwise you might end up in wrong world if joining a event.