What does it mean to be a 'vendor?'

In looking at this forum, I have to say I’m surprised to the point of mild shock at the volume of issues. For a while in the 00’s, I worked for a company offering a SAAS solution.

I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had this many end-user issues.

Sure, some are arcane - but many are not. Does Zwift not have a rollback protocol, when an update proves to be problematic in the wild? Are they permitting themselves ‘collateral damage’ with some users, as they chase the dollars of all the newer, quarantine-era users? I’m one of those. I’ll be honest, had I seen this forum first, I’d likely have selected another service.

Being a vendor means tasking yourself with customer satisfaction. Not having some poor, underpaid/overworked minion farming these threads and hitting ‘send’ on hapless responses suggesting that customers who did not get what they paid for indulge them by doing workarounds.

That’s shameful.

This is not a crowd-source funding adventure. This is service that has no problem billing me, and should feel responsible to provide me with what they’re charging for.

Then, consider yourself as a lucky man … there are fellas even unable to go through the payment process successfully … getting errors for whatever reasons :slight_smile:

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