What do we do about suspected cheats?

the zwiftpower profile linked above has a weight verification video attached to it, looks legit to me.


Wow this guy…LOL. Cheating is FUN for him i guess.
Well his CHEATER Tag is coming when he finishes the race he just blew up.

Also Reported him over Companion…let’s see if he will gat Banned for Zwiftpower.

What makes you think he’s cheating?


Hmm…maybe that he lost half of his body weight or that he was 91cm but now he is at 122cm :man_facepalming:


The thing that’s puzzling to me is why a rider like that would have a ZwiftPower profile at all. It’s basically a map to their manipulation history, and they don’t actually need it to race.

To me the Puzzle is that i need to REPORT it to ZWIFT…there should be RED FLAGS in Zwift that would not allow this kind of users to get into races. He just destroyed Category Enforcement B race with 200W.


I agree, the data analysis to detect this type of manipulation would be trivial to design. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, and the limits of weight changes might have to be somewhat relaxed, but automatically DQing really egregious cases like this should not be controversial. It would support organizers, improve fairness and the perception of legitimate racing, and it would send a consistent message to the offenders.


Height/weight history in races for each zwiftracing.app season are now charted on rider profiles, so egregious cases of manipulation should be more visible.

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That also shows on the aliases tab on Zwiftpower.


Reminds me of Strava allowing uphill 50 mph (80 kmh) KOM times. How hard would it be to put in some basic rules to address that? Not sure if they ever did fix it as I stopped paying attention to KOMs.

they did, a couple months ago. no idea how effective it is since people where i live are pretty diligent about flagging that stuff anyway.

BMI is a junk statistic, you shouldn’t base any judgements from that.

Sure BMI is useless in this context but when a rider’s weight varies quickly between 90 and 40 kg I think it’s reasonable to draw some conclusions from that. It’s nice to have this prominently shown on the rider’s profile with data only drawn from races and not have extra clicks to figure it out or filter the race data from the group ride data. I don’t care what people do outside of races but when they’re racing I prefer to see reasonable weight fluctuations.

Its useless in all contexts.

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I recognize that we need to be conscious of triggers that can promote unhealthy and unsafe body image practices but part of that response is helping people recognize and respond to those triggers.
We can not sterilize and remove all the potential triggers in society.
If wt or BMI is required, then it’s required but it is legitimate to ask “is it really required and what is the effect if we don’t report it and can the reported value be manipulated thus making it useless”.

I think you are missing the point that the metric BMI is complete junk.

It is a worthless metric and no-one should pay any attention to it. Anyone still using it in a clinical setting is a pretty bad professional. Being extremely kind you could say it is “outdated” and based on “bad data” (that being 19th Century white males only)

But it’s just utter garbage.