What do two dashes in the watts indicator mean?

Frequently, when I ride Zwift, the power drops to nothing and I see two dashes, like this – in the watts gauge in the upper left hand corner of the Zwift screen. What does this mean? Is this caused by a problem with Zwift sending a signal to my trainer, with the blue tooth/ANT connection between my computer and my trainer, or with the software in my trainer, a Wahoo Kickr Core?

Thank you for any insights.

That sound like a signal dropout between trainer and Zwift. https://support.zwift.com/en_us/my-ant+-signal-is-dropping-(cycling)-SJdW01bHX

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Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+ to connect your trainer to Zwift?

I am using ANT.

Are you using a USB extension also?

I was, but I think the extension cord malfunctioned. But as I recall, I had the same problems when I was using the cord. The signal dropout is a plausible explanation and I will try to get Zwift to connect to the trainer with bluetooth.

And thank you to all who replied.