what do i need?!?

(Jason Hull) #1

Hey everyone.  I’m new to the indoor training thing…    I have a good road bike, and the Cycleops Fluid 2 indoor trainer.  What else do I need to get.  Ideally I could use my ipad, so I guess I need a blu tooth cadence sensor?  I’m assuming my apple watch will work for heart rate? 


Please offer advice on hardware to buy.  I am completely at a loss!


Thank you all so much!

(Paul Allen) #2



You will need at least a speed/cadence sensor that transmits Bluetooth if you are going to use the iOS app. If you are going to use the PC version you will need one that transmits Ant+ and you will need an Ant+ dongle for your computer.

Either way you go your power will be estimated (Virtual Power or zPower) based on your rear wheels speed since you have a “dumb” trainer.