What controls Sunrise/Sunset. 6 Sunsets in a 1 1/2 hour ride? Really?

(Old Geezer) #1

I’m a fan of Zwift and find it very realistic except for time between Sunrise/Sunset. 


Yesterdays 1 1/2 hour ride on Watopia had 6 sunsets/sunrises. I found this really distracting. Every section seemed to switch between day/night.


What controls night time or is it a randomly picked when moving between sections.


Is there a way to manage/control Sunset/Sunrise?

(. TomH..) #2


Unfortunately there is no way you can control it, it’s in G-Master’s hands. If you’d like to change it, tell us what your suggestion is and we’ll put it on the request list. If other Zwift user will like your idea we can then bring it up and have a word with the G-Master. :slight_smile:

Thanks for contacting us and Ride On! 


(Eric Oshlo) #3

Ideally, I’d like Zwift to grab my local time and set the daylight/sunset to what I see if I look out the window.

I presume Zwift can read the local computer’s clock since some folks have suggested that as a way to override the current day’s course schedule.

Alternatively, just make it daylight all the time. I suspect most of your users’ outdoor riding is during daylight hours.

(Old Geezer) #4


Totally agree!

The time zone should match the local computers time zone. It would make total sense to look out the window and see the sunset at the same time it does on Watopia. 

I do like riding at night with all the stars (hi rez 4K system), but it’s silly when the sun is shining in the window. Tonight was confusing when it went from sunset to sunrise in 14 minutes.

(Barry Gardner Pack) #5

I guess they have to cater for all continents and time zones, so having a few sunrises and sunsets is one way to satisfy everyone. I quite like it. I’m normally on Zwift in the evening so riding with the Zwift sun is good.

(Old Geezer) #6

Barry, I see your point. Those that always ride in the dark hours would like the option to ride in daylight.

How about a Zwift Time Zone chooser to select any time zone in the world. Pick your local zone or pick one on the other side of the world.

To the computer, time zone is just a simple calculation. 

(Michael Churchward) #7

+1 to NOT matching local time. I only ride at night and it would be very disappointing to only ever see the courses in the dark.

1 sunset and 1 sunrise per hour seems like a decent compromise. most people would train for ~1hr at a time so you get to experience all the light possibilities that the engine has to offer. Maybe slower would be a bit better, or maybe a long day with a short nigh, but definitely no faster than 24hrs:1hrs ratio

(Mark Hewitt) #8

Since it’s only aesthetics there’s no reason why the user couldn’t choose? e.g Have the option of always light, always dark, match your current time zone, or be able to choose the time the day/night cycle takes.



(. TomH..) #9

Hi all, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list right away. 

Stay tuned and Ride On!

(Old Geezer) #10

Tom, Thanks for listening!!

The current day/night design clearly needs redesign.

The ideas suggested in this thread seem very interesting. Any of these ideas would be a step in the right direction. Hopefully the team will come up with a solution that allows long rides in sun or dark. 

(C oach Paul Ozier) #11

I vote to let a rider choose light or dark. During the week I ride after work on Zwift mostly. It would stink to always be under the stars on Zwift. Choosing daylight suits my fancy just fine :slight_smile:

(Mike O'Donovan) #12

Agree with Mark Hewitt. I would much prefer to see what’s going on in daylight, but to have it configurable is ideal