What "C" riders are in front of me in this race?

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I joined zwift exclusively to compete in races and to try to win my category. That means I want to know who’s in front of me so that I can try to pass him. With that said, this is the screenshot during the 3R Watopia race.

I’m a “C” rider, and as you can see, the only racers I see in front of me are “D” riders. There are no “C” riders in front of me in the list.

How do I know what other “C” racers are in front of me? I can’t see them in the list, so I don’t know where I stand in the race and I don’t know if there’s any catching up to do.


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I recommend you race the riders around you regardless of their class. If you are a C rider, you need to bridge the 3, 13 & 19 secs to those D riders in front of you. Just try to beat the people you see and your ranking will take care of itself. If your able to hold that 230 W for 20-30 min you will be ahead of most D riders but you will be mid pack C. From the race profile window, you are 184 out of 222 riders so most of the C riders are up the road. With 230 watts you could stay in the draft of other C riders and get pulled along nicely.

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I had an opposite problem last night - I was in a race and only got fellow C graders showing. We had a 5 or so minute spread (only 10 of us), but normally I get a mix of D and B and the odd out-of-form A graders showing in the window that I am actually competing with for line honors. And when a race has small numbers, its even more important (for me). I even had a couple of A graders lap me and they didnt show up as they cruised past.

Though I use Zwift like Tim suggests, I get your point. Choice might be nice, right? I actually jumped into here to see if its a new problem or feature, but your post confirms its a bug (albeit perhaps not common).

ZwiftPower can help you at the end of the race but its not part of Zwift and only a portion of those in your races use it so not highly useful.

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Whether all riders are visible or just your category is an option for the race organiser.

You can check what setting a race is using via ZP or ZwiftHacks.

ZwiftHacks enables you to search for races that are using the settings you prefer. e.g.


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I agree it would be great to see where you are in a “race within a race” as well as the entire field.

So you might see “184th/222 (C 43rd/58)” or something.

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So in ZwiftHacks I click “See only event riders” and it will show me races where I can find it out what rider from my category is in front of me during a race?


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I believe you select “See only event category riders” if you want to race an event where you only see other riders in your category.

“See only event riders” shows all categories, but no one just riding in the same World.

“See all riders” are evens where you see people in the event as well as everyone else who’s riding other events or workouts etc.

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Just to clarify, the reason I’m 184/222 is because I stopped mid-race just to get the screenshot for this question.

If I race the riders around me, then that means I will try to stick to all “A” riders when the race begins. That strategy’s great for a true “A” rider. But when you’re below a “B”, then you will eventually tire yourself out and fall way behind. It’s happened to me and that’s why I want to focus on the “C” category leader instead of the fastest rider in the race.

I’m new to zwift, but The purpose (for me) of the race is to enter a category and beat the riders in that category. I don’t want to assume I won a category because I rode at X watts for X minutes; to me, that’s not a race and that’s not the reason I pay $13/month.

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@Daren_Chandisingh_VI - good to know, thanks.

@Vaughn_Myers - the only gotcha with your intent is that a good bunch of people enter incorrect categories or simply arent performing within their grade for some reason (off day, or feeling super awesome) so your result within a grade is somewhat meaningless. So to avoid that “but that C grader is pumping out a constant 6w/kg” gripe, racing against everyone is more statistically beneficial to understanding your performance.

The other point I would make is that if you are hanging with A graders and they are putting out big numbers above your FTP, you should know that you wont last so why try? I go hard out of the gate for a bit, then settle at around my FTP or slightly higher for a while (a good 5-10mins or so I guess) and see where that puts me. Then I race against those around me and if that includes the odd B or A grader then thats super motivating to go a bit harder.

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The other option is to use Zwiftpower to look at a the live rankings for a race and then you can filter by category.

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