what are the round icons on the top left and how to communicate?

I had a burrito or something like that hanging on my screen today, no idea what this is.

Also, a guy I was competing with today passed me and waved, how do I do that too? Is there a user guide somewhere? Though it would be difficult for me to control until the iOS app is available as my keyboard is 4 feet in front of me, I can’t use any of the controls as I ride.

The round icons are power ups. They can be activated by pressing spacebar, and you can read more about them here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/203235279-What-s-new-on-Zwift-Island-01-15-v1-0-3378-

You can send a text message in game by pressing m on the keyboard and typing your message. It will show on screen for 10 seconds before disappearing. For the wave gesture, you must have the mobile app installed. You might also be able to send a message with the mobile app, but I have not personally tested with it, so I’m not sure.

If you don’t have extendable arms or the mobile app the alternative is to get a bluetooth mini-keyboard.

I’ve got this one but there are several around and they’re fairly cheap.

You can wave by pushing F2 on the keyboard if memory serves me correct. Also by pushing F3 or one of the F buttons, your Avatar will flick his elbow to tell someone else to take a pull. I would highly recommend getting one of those little bluetooth keyboards, they work great. And I don’t think there is any manual yet, as it is in Beta its just messing with it and figuring stuff out, or asking questions to get the answers. Im sure when it is released they will have some instructions with it.