What activities counts against riders level?


I have searched the FAQ’s and the community to get to know more about the riders level and what influences the progress on on the level bar.

I’m just curious what activity counts to raise the riders level as I feel some of the levels comes easy and others are progressing quite slowly towards the next level

I’m curious to take a ride by the riuns in Watopia, but the 9th level seems to last “forever” :) 

The info I was able to find is rather sparse imho…

Can someone enlighten me what kind of activities would pay off to raise me to level 10?

What is paying off the most - hr/ power/ duration/ distance/ rides og group activities…?

I’ve always assumed that it is just the duration or distance of the rides rather than anything else. Not 100% sure though.

Seems to me you get more progress out of a scheduled event than out of a ERG workout/ “Just ride” tour

Just a feeling though

Could of coruse also be a result of higher average HR/ Power realtive to max HR/ FTP

Here is a link that could help you: http://titaniumgeek.com/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates

1 km is worth 20 points

1 mile is worth 30 points.

and this:

  • Large bonus 

    • Adds 250 bonus points
    • This is worth 12.5km of cycling points. Not to be sniffed at!
    • Seems very rare
    • Used up automatically, freeing your boost slot of the next segment
  • Small Bonus

    • Adds 10 points to your score

    • Equivalent to 0.5km of riding

    • Always good as points equals new kit – we’ll talk about that shortly

    • Also used up automatically

That’s the basics of getting XP.


Make an effort to hit the +10 and you’ll usually get it. The +250 will hit once in a while also. Short laps mean more tries too.

Volcano achievements pay off quite handsomely.

Just ride and you get there. No penalties.