Well worth the wait?!?

(Jim Mattson) #21

I actually like the fact that I get to achieve new levels again. I think it’s better than just bumping me up to level 44 at one go. I just don’t appreciate the 12.5% haircut.

This is easy to fix. Just continue the accelerated XP until all of the deferred (not stolen! :woozy_face:) XP is returned.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #22

As I said before, I’d always assumed that’s how it would work. What Zwift could do right now would be to step in and tell us exactly how it’s going to work. :smiley:

hint, hint

(Godmother Fox) #23

some of us need (definitely) some rest … (nothing personal, please … not gonna to offend anybody) … but rest is sometimes better than any cure …

and now back to the point … cos my limited English … please help me to understand better … are we still talking about those XPs which are :

  • actually virtual points we get for nothing (just ride virtual worlds which is good for our fitness)
  • we can’t use them for anything useful, just to get some virtual gadgets and gimmicks?

(Steve Ellis) #24

(Almost) everthing in Zwift is virtual. What’s real is pedaling, and interacting with other people pedaling. The rest of Zwift is virtual: speed, distance, gradient, drafting, levels, challenges, kit, bikes, wheels, avatars, XP …

If something in Zwift is dismissed just because it’s virtual, then just dismiss Zwift. Every Zwifter could be getting just as much a workout without Zwift, just pedaling on the trainer looking at the wall. And those who want a social experience could haveTwitter or Facebook on a screen in front of them.

Zwift is a fitness game. Some parts of the game are more important than others are to different people. XP is part of the game of Zwift. Most people who play games keep score, even though it’s just for fun. XP is a way to keep score.

(Steve Ellis) #25

This sounds like an example of the endowment effect and/or loss aversion.

It’s entirely predictable that we don’t like losing something we had, even if it’s not tangible.

(Greg A) #26

My guess is that the algorithm is not being explained precisely enough. If you check Zwiftpower, you will see that your “hidden” total XP is increasing, during the accelerated period. I would hope this means no XPs are “discarded”.

(Jim Mattson) #27

The algorithm is explained clearly in Zwift News:

Based on the miles and kilometers you’ve already logged, you will be allowed to chase the new levels on an accelerated path of XP gain, but only up to the level you would have achieved before the levels update.

This implies that your XP will never actually reach that “hidden” total.

It would be nice if someone from Zwift could step up and say that Zwift News is wrong.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #28

You might be able to let us know pretty soon since you should be done with the accelerated leveling around level 28, I have to waiting until level 39 to find out.

I do agree that it would be nice to know the answer though.

(Jim Mattson) #29

I’ve got accelerated XP through 44. It will take me awhile.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #30

Oh, I was going off of what you posted earlier in the thread and though you only went from around 144,000xp down to 110,000xp. I guess I miss understood. Either way I am sure you will hit 50 well before me and I doubt you will loss any XP along the way. Ride On!

(Romanus TheSpinner) #31

Oh c’mon. Do you really need levels? Do you ride to gain levels in zwift? or do you gain levels by riding, doing your workouts etc. Does it matter? I think not. For me it could be even just a single level or generally saying no levels at all. I’m surprised you’re checking you xp guys. What do you need that for?

(Jim Mattson) #32

Different people are motivated by different things. From Bartle’s Taxonomy of Gamers, I am an achiever. Clearly, you are not.

(Greg A) #33

It may not be that Zwift News is wrong. It could be that Zwift News is being imprecise. Does that statement mean “but only up to the point total that starts the level you would have achieved” or something more complicated and harder to explain: “but only up to the level & point total you would have achieved, based on your running total that we will continue to maintain, behind the scenes”. Your points may or may not be at risk. We need a more detailed explanation (preferably with a few examples).

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #34

This could help you understand it better: https://zwiftinsider.com/accelerated-xp/

(Jim Mattson) #35

So, the Zwift News post is wrong after all. And apparently, we are now acquiring XP at 9X the normal rate (not 10X or 8X).

I’ll definitely be watching for that upper level indicator to switch from 44 to 45 in another 500km or so.

Thanks, Eric!

(Jim Mattson) #36

Thanks for the ZwiftPower hint, @Greg_Avon! Sure enough, it looks like total XP hasn’t been altered in any way, and still accrues as it always has. Odd that one has to go to a third-party site to see it.

(Pitch Blank) #37

till today i’m lost in how this is meant to be.
it would be extremly simple to present an equation so everyone can see how it is working ingame.
but still no transparency and thrid party sites will do the job. :confused:

(Greg A) #38

From what I understand, Zwift works closely with Zwiftpower (and even provides servers to host Zwiftpower)

(Jim Mattson) #39

Something is fishy. In-game I have 154560 XP. Zwiftpower says that I actually have 390489 XP. Note that I “refreshed” the Zwiftpower profile this morning, and I haven’t ridden in about 24 hours.

Based on the math in this article, my accelerated XP should continue until in-game XP + 8 delta = true XP + delta.

Solving for delta,

delta = (true XP - in-game XP) / 7.

So, my delta is 33704.14285714285714285714. That’s weird, isn’t it? Shouldn’t delta be an integer?

(Greg A) #40

Not weird. Look at this line in your calculation:

delta = (true XP - in-game XP) / 7

The only way it would be an integer, is if the original difference between your total XP and 110,000 was a multiple of 7