Well, that's not right (Rapha Rising)

I signed up for the 6:06 AM start this morning, Pacific time. At application start up, I went to spin the legs with the Diesel pace partner but as that begins to load, up pops the Auto Join button so I click on that. I am transported to the start of the event but it looks like I am sitting on water!

I am receiving ride ons and see the group chat. As the event starts, I slip into some vortex and end up on the other side of the island, wearing my usual jersey and definitely not part of the race event. However, Road To Sky is showing on my HUD but it is 630 km away!

Obviously, I don’t know all the roads off by heart and by the time I manage to get to Alpe du Zwift, 49 minutes have passed, and I am done. This was my only chance of doing this race so that kind of sucks.

I am guessing that as the event started, it tried to put me with the pace partner so by joining the event before I had even seen the pace partner put my route into some sort of funk. Clicking on the auto join button should have cleared the request to join the pace partner. One to add to the unit tests.

You unlocked Zwift rowing :joy:!


Riding with pace bots and using “ride with” in the same world as you are joining an event is a long standing “known issue”.

I still have to remind any guys racing on our teams.not to do it before races.

If you do pace bot or “ride with” exit the ride and enter a world the event is not in, then click join. Thats the advice we use and -so far- has worked to avoid the bug.


That takes dedication to ride 20km in trying to complete the event in good faith when things don’t look right and I’d like to get this sorted out for you but it isn’t something I can take care of on the forums. Please reach out to us at support here so we can see about getting you credit for this ride.

Do we have another thread that covers this? I’m having a hard time tracking it down and would like to follow up on this and see what extra details I can get on the issue.

I’m not aware of a master thread, but if you sesrch the forums for “wrong way”, it turns up quite a few threads

This occasionally happens when not using the most uptodate version of the game, or when we have the pens set incorrectly. If it were the latter it would have affected everyone that had taken part.

Hi Lucas, that’s ok. I don’t need credit for the riding especially as I didn’t even climb Alpe du Zwift. :slight_smile: