Well I got a road bike and still not enough resistance on flats

Anyone have a good trainer where i can get up to 10 w/kg on a sprint? I was told a road bike would fix my issues, but shockingly it did nothing. It is much quieter than my mountain bike. Kinetic Rock and Roll is my trainer. I need more resistance on the flats. So frustrating…

Put a bigger chainring on your bike?

10w/kg does not say a lot. If you weight 50kg then you only need 500w but if you weigh 100kg you need 1000w that is a big difference in trainers.

What gears fo your bike have (big front and small rear)?

That trainer can go to 1000w if im not mistaking.

It’s a tomasso. 53-11 ratio.

Hi Scott,
being a wheel on trainer you will need to ensure rear tyre is always at the correct pressure for every ride and that the drum to wheel pressure is correct also, but
I’m sure you know all that.

Your other option could be a direct drive trainer which would be preferable over the wheel on type but obviously there would be a cost issue, as my guess would be that you require a high quality model.
It is Christmas… so you could always use that as an excuse to make a purchase. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Elite Zumo is tested here

Zwift Power show you have a powermeter, what powermeter do you use?

Zwift power show you are capable of holding more than 10w/kg for over 10seconds.

So I don’t see the point of your original question?

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Hi Ben,

sorry I’m not up to date with the latest trainers and it sounded like Scott was going to use it hard.