Welk traininschema om een goede basis conditie?

Hey Zwift fanatics. I am planning a long bike ride from Belgium to Copenhagen (±1000km) at the beginning of May. I expect that I will be able to do an average of 125km per day and I would like to train purposefully for this. Which training schedules can you advise me for this?

Do you have any tips for being able to sit in the saddle for longer without saddle pain? If I can cycle 150km then I would rather do that :slight_smile:

You need to find a saddle that works for you and it isn’t that easy. I have been through a number of them. Start with a sit bone test to find out how wide the saddle needs to be. Then you may have to try out a number of them as there is no magic formula. The new 3-D printed ones claim to be very comfortable, but are fairly expensive, but any really good saddle isn’t cheap (at least it wasn’t for me). I did finally find one that worked by trial and error. Enjoy your ride.

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