Weird power numbers

Hi all, just raced a B cat race. Turbo was kicking out some wacky numbers, 500w while coasting then kicking in with 250w on climbs. Ave w/kg was 3.98. That is not me. Any ideas. Turbo been ok usually.

if it’s a wahoo product then there is an advanced calibration feature in the app with hidden steps to perform, google the steps to perform it and try that. if it’s any other brand of trainer, maybe it just needs calibrating normally using the trainer’s specific app. or maybe it’s busted.

post what trainer you’re using and someone with the same model might be able to give specific advice

The Wahoo factory spindown is done like this:

  • Once your KICKR is saved to the Wahoo Fitness app tap its entry on the LINKED SENSORS page.
  • On the KICKR page, quickly tap the KICKR icon in the top left corner 10 times.
  • Select Factory Spindown from the popup that appears.
  • Follow the instructions on the Factory Spindown page

But I don’t think would be really helping in that particular case…

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