(Clint Westhoff) #1

Rode for the first time today and everything worked as expected. Setup was smooth, everything paired quickly; power, HR, cadence, all matched my Garmin. Can’t wait for organized racing.

Quick question - since there is no place to input weight yet how is virtual speed determined? Are you just assuming everyone weighs the same? Weight makes a pretty big difference in the real world and should in the virtual world too - can’t see how racing could work without it.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

The staff has said that weight entry is coming. For now I think they said they have everyone at 75kg.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

User weight, height, and age are coming very soon. Right now everybody is the same weight (75kg).

(M R Brown (CogZ) SZR(A)) #4

I wanted to ask the same thing. (probably because I’m 63 kg, if I were 95 kg I would not ask about this :)) )

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

Heh, I think Zwift will need to pair an ANT+ scale and require users to “weigh-in” before competition! :slight_smile:

(Michael Wagner) #6

Hey, I’m 80kg, so I’m happy with no weight adjustment. :-p

(Jeff Abbott) #7

Im 60kg…and riding at 5430ft. My sucking major wind going up the KOM, haha.

(Allan Watkins) #8

Is Zwift going to have a way to limit any possibility of cheating the system? Or can I just submit that I’m a skeleton with a power to weight ratio of 10 w/kg ? Not that I would do that, but if I put in my typical racing season weight and leave it there even though I gained about 3kg over the winter it wouldn’t exactly be a fair comparison of my performance on the road over hilly terrain.

(Michael Wagner) #9

There is absolutely no way Zwift can prevent people cheating by putting in the wrong weight. But really, what is their to gain but a minor ego boost? Ultimately, you would be cheating yourself as your workout data would be flawed and you would not have accurate data to base your training around.

(Jon Mayfield) #10

Michael/Allan, we don’t necessarily care about if folks are cheating or not, that’s really their loss - but what we do care about is inconsistent performances. By making everybodies w/kg visible at all times while riding, the ideas is we’ll see the inconsistancies that might go along with cheating and we can flag those riders. By building a digital “biopassport” we can also tell if a rider has suddenly gained some extreme amount of power from one ride to the next. Ideally we use that to notify them of miscalibration, but it also serves as cheat detection.

It’s an unwinnable war, but it does take a certain bit of thought and effort on our part to make it so that it’s not a total free-for-all.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #11

Jon - so if someone posts a ride with a 528w Normalized Power and 420 Average Power for 50 minutes should we be suspicious???

(Phill Hodgkinson (WoB)) #12

I did my first ride today and overall thought that the experience was great, smooth setup and good riding experience. However the fact that there’s no weight entry in order “level the playing field” I might as well be riding exclusively with AI riders. This is definitely an absolute must have feature.